22nd of June – Azure conference

I will be speaking at this event , this is the place to be on the 22nd June 2012





John Mitchell and I recently presented on Agile and Azure the perfect marriage of elastic scalability and requirement driven functionality.


We are intending to present in more depth at a conference in summer on the subject , plus we are already booked to give a extended talk in Manchester at the end of this month on the subject – dates to follow.
The cut down set of slides are available here and we are happy for anyone to use them and modify them as needed to promote Agile in Azure.

Slides: http://www.box.com/s/nqfo6lixkcmcvfu1668k

If we can be of any help to any team out there trying to find a relationship between Agile and Azure please do contact me and we will be happy to either offer advise or consult as required.

London Azure User Group

Link: http://www.lwaug.net/

Organisers: Andy Cross andy@bareweb.eu , Richard Conway richard@azurecoder.com

Other Blogs: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/plankytronixx/archive/2011/12/09/london-windows-azure-user-group.aspx

Slides and media:



Well i attended the London Azure User Group last Tuesday the room was filled with heavy weights and people just interested in finding out more about Azure. It turned out to be a fantastically interactive evening with talks on Diagnostics delivered by Andy Cross and a amazing talk on the Rest manipulation of the Management API by Richard Conway.

We were treated to pizza and beer and we had a some excellent opportunities to network within the group.

I think its very obvious this is the Azure presence the UK has been missing for a long time it is now up to the community to gather round this event and support Andy and Richard and really help to drive this forward.

Andy and Richard have fantastic ideas to extend this to include Code breakfasts and other engaging activities to try to sponsor Azure adoption within the community, i really feel that this is going to be  a huge success and my thanks go out to the guys behind it.

Elizabeth Rebecca Martin

Azure Consultant and Agile Evangelist