London Azure User Group


Organisers: Andy Cross , Richard Conway

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Well i attended the London Azure User Group last Tuesday the room was filled with heavy weights and people just interested in finding out more about Azure. It turned out to be a fantastically interactive evening with talks on Diagnostics delivered by Andy Cross and a amazing talk on the Rest manipulation of the Management API by Richard Conway.

We were treated to pizza and beer and we had a some excellent opportunities to network within the group.

I think its very obvious this is the Azure presence the UK has been missing for a long time it is now up to the community to gather round this event and support Andy and Richard and really help to drive this forward.

Andy and Richard have fantastic ideas to extend this to include Code breakfasts and other engaging activities to try to sponsor Azure adoption within the community, i really feel that this is going to be  a huge success and my thanks go out to the guys behind it.

Elizabeth Rebecca Martin

Azure Consultant and Agile Evangelist


Experiences Of Microsoft

Recently i attended a Microsoft event in Seattle (USA) and although i can say no more than that about the event or what was discussed due to NDA restrictions.

I would like to comment on Microsoft and how we were treated.

Before setting off i had been told mixed feedback about these types of Microsoft events by an associate and i was very apprehensive of what the experience would be like. I would however like to state that Microsoft were stars  they treated us like royal guests , there was plenty of food , they took care of any problems that came up smoothly and the gentleman who was orchestrating the conversations and the event did an amazing job , Well done mate!

The value of the event was in debate before going , but i learnt a lot , and i think i was able to be a very vocal part of conversations which i hope will influence future product direction , that was certainly the feeling i was left with.

Although Microsoft do not pay for travel and off premise expense the value of this event to both myself and the organisation i represent well exceeds any cost involved.

Although i would say for me this opened up the world of Microsoft for me and showed how much effort they put in into trying to get there product offering right, while i was sat there listening to the teams present i thought to myself i wish some of the bigger companies i have worked for in the past were as concerned as Microsoft are about public adoption of their products and the experience the end user has using there software.

It also showed me that for the plugged in developers there is a ton of opportunity to interact with Microsoft in there space, but if you are not plugged in at a company and an individual level you miss so much.

Anyway thank you to MS and the Seattle teams for looking after me.