A Good Stand up


A Good , Stand-Up

The light goes green , the door opens and i walk into the secure area, my team area is immediately to my left and already i can feel the buzz, the passion the energy coming from my kiddies as they discuss, code and pair.

The clock ticks by and there is electric excitement in the room as they make their way to the stand up area, i follow.

The story wall is to my left as i walk with purpose into the room the team are gathered in a semi circle around the board awaiting my arrival.

Standing in front of the team i see in there eyes and alertness that leaves behind the night before, the early morning starts, the arguments with the partners – there focus is on me. With my arms clasped behind my back , i open with welcome to the morning stand up team, today we will be Awesome i follow this with a intense and bright smile.

My eyes fix on each team member as i watch there body language , there eyes, the position of there stance looking for anything that might be a tell , or out of place or indicate to me that this person is not 100% ready for the days tasks, some thing i may as Team leader have to deal with, i ask each member to describe how he feels in terms of weather i hardly notice the verbal replays as i watch there body language – my team is healthy ready , charged, energised no weak points this morning.

Each member quickly talks about what they did yesterday , what they will do today and any blockers which i take actions to handle.

I say to them , ‘ Lets play, be awesome out there and remember we are the elite’ the team leave the room – talking chatting about the cards they will work on, the challenges they will conquer today.

I meet with my senior team and talk to them briefly about how we must look after the team and about the deadlines and the meetings i had had with management the day before and the medium to long term projections. The seniors leave the room empowered.

Top Level Points 

# Always be on time

# It docent matter how your feeling be full of energy be positive your team draw there energy from you

# Your main job is not to police the cards it is to LOOK AFTER your team and to spot issues before they happen

# Become a expert in body language , get to a point were you can read your team

# Be prepared to proactively go to bat for a team member

# Support your team remember there is no bad teams only bad team leads – if there is a problem in your team find it deal with it don’t let it spread like fungus

# Above all remember these are your people , your kiddies your responsibility your not there to police deliveries or process your there to support and grow your team the deliveries and process will come as a consequence of this.

# In a team , to the outside business it must never be a individuals fault , the team including you takes responsibility for everything the happens good or bad

# Don’t take credit give it to the team, the team will make you shine

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